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Immune Support

Our mouths and throats are the gateway to our body and the first line of defence from many pathogens. Historically, bacterial imbalances of the mouth and throat were treated with antibiotics that killed off both harmful and beneficial bacteria.

BLIS Probiotics believed there was a better way and champions healthy mouths for all through their innovative probiotics for the mouth and throat. BLIS Probiotics are leaders when it comes to applying the science of​ probiotics to the mouth and throat by adding the good bacteria in to crowd out the harmful bacteria.

Throatguard PRO with BLIS K12 Extra Strength Probiotic:

  • An extra-strength probiotic to support the mouth & throat by crowding out harmful bacteria.​

  • When you want extra support to avoid general winter ills there are times when you want to give your defences a bit more support. With ThroatGuard PRO, you are giving yourself the very best probiotic throat support you can get.​

  • Taken daily ThroatGuard PRO with BLIS K12™ leaves no room for unwanted bacteria. ​

  • ThroatGuard PRO utilises BLIS K12™, a new generation of advanced oral probiotics, developed from a special strain of beneficial bacteria called Streptococcus salivarius K12 (BLIS K12™) that is found to occur naturally in the mouths & throats of healthy adults and children. While everyone has these bacteria in their oral cavity, very few (2-5%) have high enough quantities of this specific strain to be effective. ​


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